Rwm Casters Vir-0620-08 6" Diameter X 2" Width, Cast Iron V-Groove Wheel with

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Store Categories RWM Casters Vir-0620-08 6" Diameter X 2" Width, Cast Iron V-Groove Wheel with Straight Roller Bearing, 1000 lb. Capacity

Item Description

The Rwm Casters cast iron v-groove wheel has a 1000 lb. Capacity, 6" diameter, 2" width, and a 90 degree groove for use on an inverted angle iron track. V-groove wheels are typically used to control the flow of a load along a track into ovens, between machines, over long distances, and for other production line applications. This wheel is made of cast iron for strength and to withstand temperatures that range from -50 to 800 degrees F. The groove is 7/8" wide and 7/16" deep. The hub is 2-7/16" long and can be shortened by cutting or lengthened with spacers. The straight roller bearing on this wheel helps reduce friction and support the load.

Rwm Casters manufactures casters, wheels, and material handling products for automotive assembly, aerospace, and industrial applications. The company, founded in 1988 and headquartered in Gastonia, Nc, meets International Organization for Standardization (iso) standard 9001. Main Features

Cast iron wheel with 6" diameter, 2" width, 90 degree groove for use on an inverted angle iron track

Made of cast iron for strength and to withstand temperatures that range from -50 to 800 degrees F

Groove is 7/8" wide and 7/16" deep

2-7/16" long hub can be shortened by cutting or lengthened with spacers

Straight roller bearing helps reduce friction and support the load Specifications

Manufacturer: RWM

Shipping Weight: 630

Product Dimensions:

Width: 8.30

Length: 8.30

Height: 4.90 Tips For Buyers

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